Church deacons satisfy the qualifications of deacons set forth in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:3. As servants of the church, deacons join the pastor, elders, and other staff members in prayer, worship support, and service to the church body, and assist in conducting church ordinances when called upon. To fulfill these duties, deacons serve on one of the following teams:

  • Sunday Morning Team
  • Care Team
  • Service Team
  • Communications Team
  • Prayer Team


Rob Kyzar
Deacon Chairman
(205) 215-6070
Ryan Causey
Deacon Vice Chairman
(205) 532-6662
Ben Howell
(205) 826-3599


Sunday Morning Team

Mission: To create a differentiating Sunday morning experience for our members and guests by showing them the love of Christ.

  • Engaging with members and guests to provide a welcoming experience
  • Greet and help with seating prior to services
  • Obtain guest contact information to provide personal follow-up
  • Promote volunteerism and service opportunities within the Church
Patrick Nola
(205) 982-1591
Colby Barnett
Ryan Causey
Deacon Vice Chairman
(205) 532-6662
Jim Manolio
John Bagwell
Mark Warner
Rich Bartlewski
Ron McCarthy


Care Team

Mission: To demonstrate the love of Christ to individuals at Valleydale Church who have physical, emotional, or medical needs through prayer and weekly contact.

  • Develop relationships with members in need through ongoing contact via telephone, text message, email, or personal visit when appropriate
  • Provide weekly updates to the congregational Care Report
Paul Dillard
(205) 329-8182
Richard Covington
Rob Kyzar
Deacon Chairman
(205) 215-6070
Steve Baxley
Tim Thompson
Jeff Senkbeil
John Fine
Jonathan Dunn
Marc Curles
Mike Kelly


Service Team

Mission: Connect widows, homebound members, and senior adults to the life of Valleydale Church and provide practical acts of service for these members.

  • Host special events, such as the annual Widows Banquet, to honor members and promote engagement in the church
  • Develop personal contacts through Life Groups and personal correspondence
  • Meet specific needs of these members through acts of service within the focus and scope of the team
Stan Huff
(205) 424-4574
Mike Mace
Ralph Harris
Steve Hart
Alan Renfroe
Brian Faircloth
James Sansom
Lonny Bearden
Scott Watson


Communications Team

Mission: Promote church unity by proactively seeking and communicating relevant, timely information to the church body.

  • Disseminate information to Valleydale members through personal visits to Life Groups
  • Gather feedback through the year from church body through Life Groups visits
Patrick Sawyer
(205) 989-7153
Blake Allen
Ben Wyrosdick
Brock Armstrong
Jim Benedict
Jim Key
Justin Brown
Matt Phelps


Prayer Team

Mission: To support and engage in the ministry of prayer at Valleydale Church.

  • Pray over each ministry of the church
  • Engage members in prayer through prayer events, services and resources
  • Provide Sunday Morning prayer support to guests, members and staff pre-service, during service response and post-service in the Connect Corner
Brad McGuffey
(205) 566-5791
Austin Amerson
Stephen Kelley
Ben Howell
(205) 826-3599
Bobby Cato
Donn Willey
Jeff Vines
Matt Wilson
Ted Farrell