Five Day Guide for Repentance

Download 5 Day Guide for Repentance (PDF)

The central desire of our Seven Churches series is repentance. Over and over in Revelation 2-3, Christ urges His churches to hear His words and repent of their sins. We’ve seen Christ exhort His churches to repent of lack of passion, their sexual immorality and their pride.

As elders and pastors, we want to give you whatever tools we can to strengthen your walk with Christ, and so you’ll find here a 5 Day Guide for Repentance.

This guide is designed to help you discover what sin the Lord is personally calling YOU to repent of. As you come before the Father each day, we ask that you enter this time of self-examination with a open heart. Meditate daily on the Word of God. Prayerfully come before Him and let God speak. We pray that this is helpful for you in your walk with Christ.

—Valleydale Elders and Pastors