2017 Mission Trips

Valleydale Church provides opportunities for members to travel in the United States or throughout the world to proclaim the name of Jesus. For more information on these trips or to register, please complete the form below.



Partnership Coordinator: Patrick Sawyer (psawyer@valleydale.org)

  • Mission 24 Trip | July 14 – 15

       Team Leader: Kady Kilgore (kadykilgore@yahoo.com)

  • Fall Medical Trip | TBD

       Team Leader: TBD


Dates: June 28-July 2
Team Size: 20+
Approx. Cost: TBD
Partnership Coordinator: Lauren Weathers (the_weathers@yahoo.com)
Description: This is an entry-level trip designed for families with kids. Huntsville is the project for Valleydale’s VBS this year. The service project will focus on impacting the Huntsville community with Essential Church. Come join Pastor Chuck for a fun trip and watch your VBS  mission efforts in action!


Dates: Late June
Team Size: 8-10+
Approx. Cost: $1,600 (depending on transportation)
Team Leader: Contact Angie Graves (boangie@bellsouth.net) for more information.
Trip Description: Come help us evangelize one of the most unreached state in America. We will be working alongside local church plants to help strengthen relationships with their communities.


Dates: July 14-21
Team Size: 16-20+
Approx. Cost: For a family of 4 – $1,650 (approximated cost of driving), $4,680 (approximated cost of flying)
Team Leader: Contact Martha Piedra (mpiedra@valleydale.org) for more information.
Trip Description: This team will partner with Vertical Church in Merriam, Kansas to serve the community through projects at the local schools, hosting block parties, prayer walking, and community building with the Vertical Church Family.  This is a great mission trip for families.


Dates: July 14-21
Team Size: 12+
Approx. Cost: TBD
Team Leader: Tamara McCammon (voshon@bellsouth.net)
Description: Come join our efforts in Valleydale’s SEND City. This team will partners with new church plants to help build relationships within their community.


Team Size: 4-12
Approx. Cost: TBD
Partnership Coordinator: Dawn Sawyer (dms717@hotmail.com) Contact Dawn for more information.
Description: Mission 24 trips are 24-hour trips perfect for serving over a weekend with your family and friends. We will work alongside Essential Church doing various projects in downtown Huntsville with intentions of sharing God’s love with the people living there.



Dates: July 6-15
Team Size: 12-16
Approx. Cost: $2500
Team Leader: David Edge (davidjanedge@bellsouth.net)
Trip Description: This team will help plant a church in a village using a medical clinic and children’s ministry.


Dates: June
Team Size: 4 – 6
Approx. Cost: $3,500-$3,800
Team Leader: Contact Brett Mims (bmims@hotmail.com) for more information.
Trip Description: This trip will provide participants with an opportunity to support multiple aspects of work related to an unreached people group.


Dates: August 5 – 12
Team Size: 6-8
Approx. Cost: $2,400
Team Leader: Contact the Missions Office (rrobinson@valleydale.org) for more information.
Trip Description: A church plant, Silver Street, has begun in an unreached area of London by our partners, Jamie & Joie’s church.  The team will work with Silver Street, and will prayer walk, distribute scripture, and canvas the neighborhood.


Dates: October
Team Size: 6-8
Approx. Cost:  $2100
Team Leader: Contact the Missions Office (rrobinson@valleydale.org) for more information.
Trip Description:  This trip will provide support and encouragement for the work among an unreached people group as part of our multi-year church planting partnership.  This team will be working with our partners and local believers to further the Gospel in this area.


Dates: Fall
Team Size: 5-10
Approx. Cost: $1,800-$2,000
Team Leader: Contact David Edge (davidjanedge@bellsouth.net) for more information.
Trip Description: This team will work with the Eastern Baptist Convention to help plant a church in eastern Cuba and encourage Cuban pastors and missionaries through prayer, worship, and resources.

For More Information

For more information, please use the form below to contact our trip leaders. They will respond to you very soon. Thank you for your interest!