Pastor Search

Valleydale Church has assembled a search team to lead the effort in identifying Valleydale’s next Senior Pastor. Over the course of Valleydale’s pastor search process, we ask you to join us in prayer, seeking the Lord’s guidance for the team, care for the congregation and preparation of our future pastor.

Pastor Search Team

Rich Bartlewski
Karen Cheney
Ben Crocker
Jimmy Godfrey
Greg Graves
Kady Kilgore
Scott Lenning
Antjuan Marsh

Pastor Search Update - April 23, 2017 Pastor Search Update - March 12, 2017 Pastor Search Update - January 1, 2017

Resources for Prayer:

Adapted from: Seeking God To Seek A Pastor by Gregory Frizzell; 2014

Prayers for the Committee Prayers for the Congregation Prayer for the Future Pastor & Pastor Profile

To submit a resume and cover letter to the Search Committee, please send to pastorsearch@valleydale.org.

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